With less than 7 weeks to go until Baby Heapy is due to arrive, it’s time to get those last minute bits and although I feel pretty organised, I’m always worrying I’ve forgotten something! The nursery is more or less finished and I really can’t wait to post the finished room on my blog! For now, I’ve compiled a list of a few essentials which I still need to buy.

Last Minute Baby Shopping List

As a first time mum, I’m still learning about what we need to make our lives a bit easier and recently discovered I should buy pram mattress covers. This means if baby is sick or we have any other accidents (i.e. poo explosions!) it’s not going to ruin the pram. We have the Joolz Geo pram and I love the matching grey melange sheet so I’m waiting until Black Friday for some offers as I can’t find it with free delivery anywhere!

I’ve heard amazing reviews of the Purflo nest from my fellow Mummy bloggers Kirsty and Georgina, so I’d love to see how we get on with it. I wouldn’t be able to put them on the couch in it as they’d probably be bothered by Daphne but it’s great to put inside the moses basket so they feel a little more wrapped up. It’s also a lot cheaper than alternatives such as the Sleepyhead and has a breathable padded bumper and mesh. If my baby likes to be held a lot, I’m hoping this is snug enough to make them feel like they’re still being cuddled.

I haven’t bought a breast pump yet as it seems a lot to spend if for some reason I’m unable to breast feed. I’d also rather pay a bit extra and get a really good electric one as I just think for the amount I’ll use it, it’s worth being able to do it quick and relatively stress free. After a bit of research, I now have my eye on the electric Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump as it has different suction and speed options plus it’s quiet which means I can use it whilst Baby’s asleep.

Although we have a We Made Me wrap, Ryan also wants to buy a carrier for him to use. I’ll mainly be using the wrap inside when I’m trying to get stuff done and can’t leave the baby. Chelsey recommended the Boots Babyway 3in1 which looks amazing value but on the pricier side the BabyBjorn We Carrier looks fab too.

Again, some of my Mummy friends have recommended a white noise toy and I love the ones from myHummy. I’ve particularly got my eye on the ecru white Snoozy as it can be put on the car seat and pram too to settle the baby. The sleep sensory activates myHummy in response to movement and sound and has a non-stop mode for up to 12 hours of white noise. This comes with five types of white noise including amniotic fluid with heartbeat, 2 frequencies of a hairdryer, ocean waves and rainfall.

I’m panicking a little that we don’t have enough sleepsuits for when they’re born. As we have no idea what size they’ll be, I need a few in each size and I only have ones big enough for 9lbs. I’m really hoping Baby won’t be any bigger but you never know! Based on my bump size at my last appointment, the midwife said the baby would weigh around 7lbs 10 but this is a very rough estimation! I love these arctic sleepsuits from Mothercare so I’m going to pick these up in a bigger size just in case!

Finally, a recommendation from Katie is the Tommee Tippee warmer. This seems so reasonable for how convenient it is at less than £10. It heats milk and food when out and about including breast milk and formula. This will be great if there’s no where near by to get hot water.

Is there anything else I need?!

Ta Ta for now,