Well, it’s been a while Glossy Boutique! Life just seemed to get in the way of blogging over the last 6 months or so and I didn’t want to force it when I didn’t really have anything to say! However, I had to come back to write about an amazing cleansing system I’ve been loving, the new BeGlow TIA* all in one. I’ve been testing this for over a month now and I think it’s time I give my honest opinion.

BeGlow TIA

BeGlow Tia System

BeGlow System

BeGlow cleansing

The system comes with a pouch which is great for travelling and a little USB cable to charge it – a full charge lasts 12 months! I’ve used a cleansing device before which I enjoyed using so I knew this was always going to be a hit for me with an extra feature. You have your normal cleansing brush (the white part) which is perfect to use with your favourite cleanser, mine is currently the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel.

I’ve been using the brush only when wearing either no make up or very little so it doesn’t end up brown! It’s really good at removing the make-up though so if you can cope with the cleaning then go ahead and use it for heavy makeup. I will first remove my makeup with Clinique’s Take the Day off balm which I love at the moment. The three key features of the TIA device is cleansing, anti-ageing and Dual Pulse contouring so you can see why it’s pretty expensive at £199 but if it works (which I definitely think it does) it’s 100% worth it.

The extra feature I mentioned is the titanium plate at the bottom. This sends high and low pulsations to the skin when touching which is great at reducing pores and aiding in anti-ageing. The Dual Pulse feature helps tone the muscles in your face and I like to use it on my neck too! It’s completely waterproof so you can give it a good wash after each use but they do recommend changing the head every 12 months.

To use the cleansing brush, simply pop on a pea size amount of your cleanser, press the top button and gently move the device round your face. Press the button again to enter the standard cleansing programme. Press control button 2 to start the anti-ageing programme and press the silver area to your concerned wrinkled areas. To start the Dual Pulse programme press both buttons for 3 seconds and let this nifty device do the rest! If you’re looking for a high end investment to turn your skin around, I couldn’t recommend this enough. It really is doing wonders, especially my neck which I’ve always been conscious about. Look Fantastic also sell the BeGlow Pura which is £109 and is the cleansing brush alone if you wanted to save some pennies.

It’s good to be back!

Ta Ta for now,

*This post contains PR samples