Baby| Classes to Attend on Maternity Leave

I can’t believe Johnny is one next week! I feel my whole maternity leave has gone in a flash but what a year it has been. I’ve loved every day with my little boy and I’ve no doubt had the best year of my life. We’ve been to a few different baby classes so if any readers are pregnant or on leave at the moment, these are the ones I’d recommend.

I saw Baby Sensory being advertised on Facebook and it’s just round the corner. They were also offering a free trial so I had nothing to lose! Johnny was around 8 weeks old when we started sensory and we still go now, we both absolutely love it! There’s always activities planned which fill the full 50 minutes and each one keeps Johnny entertained. I’ve also met some other Mums which has been fab as we stay behind after the class for a drink and a chance for the little ones to have breakfast. I can’t recommend baby sensory enough, from the welcome song to the messy play, we’ve loved every class and I’m going to really miss it when I go back to work.

We also have swimming classes normally once a week. We started when Johnny was about 5 months and we haven’t looked back since. The classes are pretty pricey at £12.50 per lesson but it’s 100% worth it. Our lessons are with Puddle Ducks and they are based around the country. Swimming from an early age gets them used to the water but also teaches them what to do in an emergency for example Johnny can hold onto the side already! If we miss a week he can get a little wingey but he’s back to his happy, splashy self the week after! If you know you’re going to miss a class, you can book a holiday so you don’t miss out which means we can do 2 classes a week sometimes. Johnny has a long nap after each lesson which is an added bonus. I was too scared to put Johnny under the water myself when we first went but now we’re both used to it as the teachers gave us both that confidence we needed. He loves his swimming lessons!

Recently we’ve also been to Rhythm Time. They very kindly sent one of their baby band packs* so Johnny enjoys playing with his instruments at home too. The classes are only 30 minutes long so the babies don’t get restless as they’re quite short. There’s a lot of singing in the classes aswell as them being quite active for Mummy and baby which I enjoyed. I went to the class in Lymm and the teacher was great at singing and keeping the babies entertained. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised how far it was away from us so I would choose a different Rhythm Time class next time.

Have you taken your little one to any classes?

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