Baby| Weaning at 6 Months – Traditional, BLW or Both?

Once Johnny reached 6 months old we started trying him with finger foods. I’ve always been certain that we would do baby led weaning with Johnny but after trying some great purées from Babease, I’m left wondering if it’s possible to mix BLW with traditional weaning. From articles I’ve read previously, it was mentioned that if you used any kind of purées then you couldn’t class yourself as BLW. However Johnny likes being spoon fed aswell as feeding himself with his fingers so who cares what you call it as long as the baby is enjoying this new experience.

Babease Baby Plan

Babease Weaning

Babease Weaning

Babease Weaning

I mentioned on an Instagram post last week that I feel a little anxious when Johnny’s eating solid food incase he chokes so I do feel more relaxed with purées. However BLW is super easy as he can more or less eat what we’re having which also means it’s cost effective. When Babease got in touch to see if we’d like to try a few of their products, I was eager to see how Johnny would react to them after we’ve done solely BLW for the last few weeks. As I said, as long as he’s enjoying weaning, whether it be traditional or BLW, I’m really open to trying all options.

Babease* sent some of the packs to try, a cute tote bag and also a USB pen which I love as I’m an IT geek! I absolutely love the packaging of the products. Some of my Mummy friends also agreed with this as we were discussing how luxurious and expensive they look at a Mummy date last week, so it’s definitely a popular opinion. Weaning was a scary prospect for me as I’m not the greatest in the kitchen but these pouches are so handy as they contain so many vegetables and are organic meaning its only good stuff going into JJ. At the moment Johnny doesn’t eat loads so we can get two meals from one pouch as he’s still having breast milk as well as other snacks during the day. There are a number of flavour mixes available so it means our little ones can try a variety of different foods.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly Johnny has taken to weaning, both finger foods and the vegetable purées from Babease. When spoon-feeding him he does now want to try and do it himself but that just shows how independent he’s becoming. I think we will stick with giving Johnny what we’re eating most of the time but if we’re ever having a naughty takeaway or eating out, these pouches are ideal. So is it possible to combine finger foods and purées? Well for us, yes! I’m not going to put a name to the weaning we’re doing, as long as Johnny is trying a variety of foods, who cares?!

What’s your approach to weaning?

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*This post contains PR samples

  • Anna Miller

    I never knew what to do for the best with my twins. We went down the puree route in the end but they are really bad eaters and meal times are such a drama. I think I would combine the two next time but there really is no right or wrong!

  • Sarah Sullivan

    after trying both, i prefer traditional, i have a fear of choking so being able to control what goes in has helped me not worry as much! we do love the babease pouches!

  • Emma Lambert

    These look fab! We did the traditional method first time around, however I might do a mixture of that and BLW next time x

  • Gee

    I did BLW with my first and TW with my second. My youngest has a tongue and lip tie so has always been a chokey baby so we felt more comfortable going down the mush route this time.

  • We’ve spoke about BLW and it’s just not appealing to us at all, I think we’ll go down the traditional route. Xx

  • Nadia Martine Eian Koch

    We did both and it seemed to work fine. He’s a good eater today 🙂 Very cute photos. x