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Skin to skin is a method recommended by midwives around the world and was something I was really keen on trying as soon as Johnny was born. Skin to skin contact wasn’t just important for Johnny and I but also between Johnny and his Daddy. I’m sure you know that when the baby is delivered it’s important to have them immediately placed on your chest, of course if the baby is ok and doesn’t need any extra help. Once I’d had time with Johnny and fed him for the first time, Ryan then had him on his bare chest whilst I had a shower and got cleaned up. Since then Johnny has always settled so much better on us both with no tops on and I 100% believe this was thanks to that first contact.



Pure Love is a great new campaign where Water Wipes want to encourage skin to skin with parents and their babies. Royal Wolverhampton NHS have reported many benefits such as:

  • It encourages baby to feed and regulates their heartbeat. It also helps regulate temperature and breathing so it’s a great way to keep baby warm straight from the womb.
  • Helps to develop a strong bond between Mummy and Baby
  • Encourages the release of hormones associated with breastfeeding and the supply of milk
  • Allow Mummy to have a rest after labour whilst Daddy and Baby bond

Water Wipes Skin to Skin

Water Wipes Skin to Skin

As soon as Johnny was born, he was placed straight on my chest for that important skin to skin. After a while, he started to search for milk and although he probably didn’t get much out at first we were lucky enough to start well with breastfeeding. Again, I really believe the skin to skin helped us with breastfeeding and 6 months later we’re still going strong! I’m planning on writing a breastfeeding journey post soon as I think it could be helpful for others planning to breastfeed.

Johnny and I have loved skin to skin whether it be after his injections to comfort him, just before bed to settle him or after his baths so my clothes don’t get soaked! If you’re due to have a baby soon, I can’t recommend this bonding process enough.

Have you tried skin to skin with your baby?

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*Written in Collaboration with Water Wipes