Parenting| Moving Baby into their Nursery

Next week we’re finally putting Johnny into his own room and to say I’m dreading it would be an understatement. It’s something we planned to do when we returned from holiday but I’ve always found an excuse, he had a bad cough and then it was too warm. The list is endless. I always knew it had to happen but having him next to me has just always been so easy with breastfeeding. I’ve not had to get out of bed to feed, just roll over and that’s it.  However, he’s far too big for his Next to Me now (what a God send that has been!) and it’s not fair on him to make him uncomfortable just for my peace of mind. I’ve bought a few products to try to help the transition be as smooth as possible. I will do an update once we’ve trailed it for a few weeks.

Purflo Nest Nursery

Purflo Nest Nursery

Purflo Breathable Nest

I’ve been trying to save this for when Johnny moved into his nursery but he has had a few naps in it. Although he’s getting a bit big for this one the good news is that Purflo are currently working on a bigger version, hurrah! It stops him rolling over onto his front which always worries me a little but it is breathable anyway so this definitely puts my mind at ease. Johnny has also liked to feel enclosed ever since he was born so I wouldn’t be without this nest now. I can imagine a huge cot can be quite daunting so he feels cuddled in his nest. I’m considering feeding Johnny in the pod and then I can put him straight down in it without disturbing him.The cover also comes off so can easily be washed if Johnny’s sick or we have any other accidents.

Video Camera

To really put my mind at ease, I’ll be watching Johnny ALL of the time. I know after a few weeks I won’t feel as crazy but in the first few days I’m going to be stuck to my camera. Technology is so advanced these days and I’m so glad we invested in a camera. You can buy ones with built-in thermometers, colour pictures and of course sound so it will really make me more relaxed.

Movement Sensor Mat

I’m not sure if this will make me more crazy but we’ve also invested in a sensor mat which will beep if Johnny stops moving. Most of them also have a night-light so it’ll make it easier to check on him without disturbing him. He’s used to sleeping with a dim light as I keep one on in our room so I can see him through the night.

I’m a huge fan of technology and it helps us with Johnny almost every day. Definitely check out Alex Brooker’s smart tech video* for ideas in the household especially the nursery. I need those heated floors now!

Do you have any recommendations for moving baby into their nursery?

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