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Unfortunately my full paid maternity pay has finished now so my statutory pay starts this month. I definitely live outside my means so I’ve been trying to save and make money whilst I’ve been on maternity. I’ve found a few ways which have been a huge help in saving up some money so I thought I’d share them incase anyone else is in a similar situation.

UK Freebies

Loyalty Cards
I’m obsessed with Subway salads at the moment and I seem to build up quite a few free ones with their card. Of course we all know and love the Boots advantage card too which has been great for buying nappies. They also have a parenting club where you get 10 points for every £1 spent. Another great card is the John Lewis one as you get free cake and a hot drink every month just for being a member.

Matched Betting
I know a few mummy bloggers are into Matched Betting and it’s definitely helped me pay some bills! If you want to start but not sure where, join up to Profit Accumulator for the free trial and watch the videos to get you started. It isn’t gambling, it’s actually guaranteed profit! If you do sign up please use my referral code 141507.

Freebie Websites
I’m a sucker for a freebie. When I was pregnant I collected all the free bags and boxes, I couldn’t get enough! I’ve found some fab UK Freebies* on many sites including Gratisfaction UK. From Kitchens to perfumes, you can apply for all different kinds of great free items on this site, it’s amazing!

Surveys and Mystery Shopping
My favourite survey site is Yougov as it doesn’t take too long to reach £50 along as you complete them when they’re emailed. I also like WhatUsersDo as you review websites and record your thoughts through voice so it’s easy to do whilst I’m looking after Johnny. Other sites include Toluna, Prolific Academic and Swagbucks. I also did a lot of mystery shopping when pregnant and I need to start again. My favourite site is Marketforce but Red WigWam are also good.

Compare your Bill Tariffs
Definitely use sites such as YouSwitch to make sure you’re on the cheapest tariff for gas, electric and even your mobile phone. I know Martin Lewis always talks about switching but it’s definitely worth some of your time for massive savings.

Have you got any money saving or making tips?

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