Baby| Swimming with Konfidence

Whilst I was pregnant, I started to plan in my head which activities I’d love to do with my baby once they were here. When I was younger I used to go swimming a lot with my Dad, I never had lessons, my Dad taught me and that’s one of the biggest memories I have of him. He was a great swimmer and I’m really thankful he took me at a young age before I got the chance to develop a fear. We’ve taken Johnny swimming a few times now and it’s lovely to go as a family. I don’t think he quite knows what to make of it yet, he doesn’t show any emotion really! We wanted to get him used to the water before we go on holiday.



Last week we headed down to the local pool which was actually pretty warm. Konfidence sent us a few swimwear bits to try which was great as he’s out grown his old shorts now plus I’m not sure he was warm enough in just them.

As you can see Johnny loves his Konfidence Babywarma wetsuit*. I chose the same print for each item which was the clownfish pattern! The wetsuit is designed to keep babies warm and safe in the pool. It’s made from 2mm thick neoprene which is snug so it gives your baby that sense of security like they’re being cuddled! There are velcro fastenings at the top, bottom and side of the suit so it’s easy to get on and you can adjust it when they grow. This will be great for our holidays as it also has 100% UV protection and of course it looks so cute!

We were also sent the AquaNappy* and a NeoNappy* swim cover. The AquaNappy had a triple layer design to stop any leakages and of course is reusable. One size fits all thanks to the poppers and Velcro. Nothing else is needed such as a disposable nappy so it saves money in the long run.

The nappy cover can go over the AquaNappy for even less chance of any leakages and I know these are mandatory for some swimming pools. This offers a good seal around the tummy and thighs whilst still not causing any chaffing or pain. All 3 products have been useful so far and we’ll be taking them on our holidays next week!

Have you bought any useful swimwear for your little one?

 Ta Ta for now,

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