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Although we’ve only just finished Johnny’s nursery (blog post to come!) I’ve seen some really cool and unique children’s bedroom pieces. We will eventually do our spare room up for Johnny’s big boy bedroom and leave the nursery as it is for (hopefully) baby Heapy number 2 in the future! I never thought I’d say that after labour but it is true, you do forget about the pain a few months later.

Children Bedroom Ideas

I’m definitely going to buy Johnny a teepee for his room when he’s old enough to have story time. I love this cute one from Wayfair, it’s actually a lot cheaper than I thought it’d be too. A similar concept is this mushroom house which would look so cool in a child’s room! I can just see him and his cousin sat in there listening to story time, my heart melts!

I don’t think Johnny will be ready for this white bed set for a while yet but I think it looks so smart! This would also save the need and space for a desk. I’d probably upgrade to this when he hits his teens and needs somewhere to study. For a completely unique piece, I love this Mr B piece* which can be folded and played with for a different look. I’m sure Johnny would feel extra safe with Bigfoot looking over him. I want Johnny to love his country and have his room show that so I’d be made up with this London bus bunk bed. It’d be great for when his friends or cousins stay over too. The thought of a London themed room is definitely high up on my list.

Johnny has the most beautiful rug in his room as I think rugs can really make an empty room look amazing. I know as he gets older he’s going to want something more fun and bright which is why I picked this dinosaur rug. I always leave my phone light on so I can see Johnny whilst he’s asleep in his Next2Me, just because I worry about blankets going over his face – I’m a typical Mum worrier! He’ll probably always need a night light if he’s anything like his Mummy was as a child. This would also look really cute in his nursery now, I’m not sure I can wait to order it for his room when he’s older. I stuck to gender neutral colours for his nursery as we didn’t know what we were having but I think we’ll go for some colour for his big boy room! I’m already excited to start planning it.

Have you seen any cool ideas for a child’s bedroom?

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*Written in Collaboration with Viaduct