Baby| Bath Time with Nuby

As a Nuby UK brand ambassador, Johnny and I are very lucky in that we get sent products. This month we received lots of exciting bath toys which I couldn’t wait to show Johnny. He loves baths as much as his Mummy and although he’s still really young, he’s very alert and takes notice of different colours so he still loved these.

Nuby Bath Time

Nuby Bath Time

Nuby Bath Time

I think most people had the numbers and letters* stuck to the side of their bath when they younger. I remember always trying to spell out my name or Mum and Dad so these are such a great way to learn. They also float in the water so Johnny likes watching them around him which is so cute to watch. My personal favourites are these kissing fish*. You pull them apart and they wiggle about in the water and come back together. JJ is too young to do it himself yet but he loves watching me do it for him.

If you never know if the bath is the right temperature for your little one then you definitely need the Nuby safe duck*. Simply leave it in the bath for a minute and if the water is too hot it will display HOT in white on the bottom. This saves so much worrying whether the water is going to be too warm and upset Johnny. It’s also a cute toy for him! We’ve just been using the splish splash stacking cups* to wash Johnny’s hair, he loves the water trickling on his head and it means the water doesn’t go in his eyes.  In a few months Johnny can play with these himself, stack them up and knock them down which he’ll love.

We also received the bath time net* which we haven’t used yet as it’s a bit old for him. This is a fun game for toddlers to help develop their motor skills and also distracts them whilst you wash their hair! Finally, we’ve been playing with this yellow submarine* that zooms through the water. These products from Nuby have helped Johnny enjoy his bath times even more and it’s one of my favourite things to do with him as he smiles so much.

Does your little one love bath time?

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*This post contains PR samples