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Some may argue that you become a family the day you’re married, buy a dog or even a house together but for me it was the day Johnny entered our lives. Maybe even so the day we saw that line on the stick. Becoming a family is more than just that signature on the line, it’s more than just a wedding ring*, it’s all about being a team.


Before Johnny arrived, I was naive to think our married life wouldn’t be affected. Of course I expected the sleepless nights, the 30 second cat licks and eating once your meal was cold but I didn’t expect how united we’d become. I’ll admit 5, even 2 years ago I wasn’t that interested in starting a family. Ryan and I had just gotten married, I got a good job in the city and we bought our dream house. This time last year I decided something was missing and that was someone to look after, to nurture. Luckily it didn’t take long for the happy news to arrive and to this day that’s something I feel up most fortunate about.

As I said becoming a family is all about team work, holding the baby whilst I nip to the loo, handing me my 7th can of Diet Coke or simply letting the dog out whilst I’m feeding from one and pumping from the other. Starting a family makes me realise how lucky I am to have my husband and unfortunately I don’t really tell him enough. Sure there are days when I want to strangle him and who cares if he forgets to change the template names on my Moonpig card or the ‘clean’ dishes have food still stuck to them, he tried!

We have become a family, counting down the minutes till he’s home from work so I can have a quick bath, expressing milk to the point I feel like a cow just so JJ has enough whilst I’m out – it’s all  about the team work. We’re a family and we work for each other! Me and my little family of four.

When did you count yourself as a family?

Ta Ta for now,

*Collaboration Post