Baby| Johnny James 2 Month Update

Yesterday Johnny turned 2 months old which I really can’t get my head around! In one way it seems a long time ago since his birth but in another way I can’t believe how quick time is going and how quick he’s growing. The last 2 months has been the best of my life and being a Mum is an absolute honour. Don’t get me wrong there’s been sleepless nights, crying (both of us) and being weed on countless times. However, we’re both doing great and I can’t wait to continue on our little journey together.



I feel pretty lucky with Johnny’s sleeping as he normally only wakes twice a night and it’s even been just once a few nights. We went through a phase where every other night he would be really unsettled, I’m not sure if it was wind but he would scream. Luckily we seem to have got through that phase (fingers crossed) and it could have just been that he’s going through his second leap. Once he wakes for a feed, he falls asleep straight after which is great as it means Mummy can go back to sleep too! We usually wake about 7 but he has another feed then and we can both go back to sleep till around 9/9.30. I definitely don’t feel as tired as I thought I would.


Johnny weighed 12lbs last week when he was weighed before his injections which may I add were horrific. I’ve never heard him cry so much and later on in the evening he seemed in pain with his legs where they did the injections. It broke my heart and I’m dreading the next ones already. The nurse and doctor both commented on how long he was and he’s more or less outgrown his moses basket already. His toes are right at the end of his 0-3 months sleep suits too.


Johnny was an early smiler, he even giggles and laughs a little now. For some reason he is fascinated with our clock on the wall! He just stares at it and starts giggling. I’ve also noticed this week he’s started noticing our dog. Before he didn’t pay much attention to her but now he really stares at her when she’s close to us.


I’m still breastfeeding and I actually love it. When I was pregnant I didn’t really want to breastfeed  but I thought I’d try it as I’d probably regret it if I didn’t. It’s our bonding time now even though it’s tieing as I can’t just nip out somewhere without him. I’ve got a few events coming up in the next few weeks so I’m going to start expressing and freezing this weekend. I did only plan to do it for a few months but I think I’m going to carry on for a bit longer and see how we go. It’s no wonder he’s such a chunk as he loves his milk!

I’m absolutely loving being a Mummy to my gorgeous little boy. I can’t imagine going back to work and leaving him but it’s not for a while yet thankfully. I’m so glad he’s growing well! The only thing I want to work on in the next month is trying to lose some baby weight!

Do you have any tips to lose that Mum tum?!

Ta Ta for now,

  • He is absolutely adorable, Emma! His little smile is so cute! xx


  • Rachel Bee

    He is so gorgeous! I can’t believe he’s 2 months already!!

  • daisy walters

    That has gone sooooo quickly Emma! What a gorgeous little boy, he looks so happy too!

    Love from Daisy xxx

  • It sounds like he is doing brilliantly, he is such a little cutie! I love the little bobbly blanket too!
    Love Gemma |

    • Thank you lovey. It’s his nursery rug I had made 🙂 xx