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If you are one of those people, like myself, a little obsessed with beauty and everything that revolves around it, you might be interested in taking the next step: which might be getting a degree/certificate, and then apply for a job in the beauty industry. This might come as too forward, but be honest, if you believe in being the beauty guru why not take the next step, and become an expert at it, while at the same time taking control, and get creative in your own unique way? Lets get real!

Beauty Techniques

Nowadays, everyone feels like they can give themselves a label, and become whomever they want, without taking the hard path, and actually become what they claim to already be.  Here a few ideas on how you can take your beauty techniques to the next level.

Training courses
In addition to your beauty qualifications, taking on training courses are a great way to meet expectations of companies that are looking to hire. Though training and specialisation courses cost a bit of extra money, they can definitely be worth it when you get hired because you know one extra treatment that a company or salon is interested in adding in the future. For example, if you do training on semi-permanent eyelash extensions, an employer may view this an extra asset that they did not expect outside general beauty qualifications. Training courses are a great way to both increase your knowledge for yourself, and to help you stand out when you are interviewing for a job.

Since work experience is fundamental for any type of studies we undertake, beauty industry is no exception. In fact, nowadays, interning is a rite of passage, whatever the age, the job, or the place, and it has become an extremely important step to get hands on experience. That is why internships are highly recommended and opportunities are at large. It’s enough to take a look online, on pages like this one you will find plenty of jobs available in Manchester.

Consider and take advantage of any opportunity
It is definitely fair to say the beauty industry is competitive. So for any opportunity that comes your way, be sure to really consider it and if it feels right, take advantage of it. You never know when the next one may come along. Taking your techniques to the next level means that whatever experiences you have counts.

Build a portfolio
In beauty, your experience will always be referred to. Instead of only having a stellar CV and verbal explanations of your work, prioritise having visuals. A portfolio is a great way to set yourself apart and refer back to during an interview or meeting with a potential client or employer down the road.

Being in the beauty industry is a great way to see what you can do with your creative side and also try new things. Keep in mind what Frances Mazur, beauty headhunter and CEO at Mazur Group, says: “”you need to be able to look at what’s going on in the world on a broader scale, and apply that innovation to beauty”.

Good luck!

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Written in Collaboration with Mary J

  • Although I wouldn’t want a career in beauty, I’d love to take a few courses to better my skills!xx

    Lucy x |

  • The beauty industry is huge, which means there are plenty of opportunities but also lots of competition so doing extra courses or improving your skills, like you say, can only be a good thing! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

  • I would love to build a career in beauty but from the PR/social media side of things. However I need to wait until Ellie is a bit older and in full time education, which isn’t a long time away x

    Beauty with charm