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Johnny is currently going through a stage where he hates being lay in his moses basket, pram or Chicco Next2Me, basically anywhere that isn’t on me, so I’m currently trying all the sleep hacks! I’ve had the MyHummy Snoozy Bear* since way before Johnny was born and all I’d seen was rave reviews so I couldn’t wait to see if it worked for us too.

MyHummy Snoozy Bear

MyHummy Snoozy Bear

Firstly, the MyHummy Snoozy Bear is super soft and cuddly, thanks to the padding you really can’t feel it’s ‘heart’ inside which is where the white noise is transmitted from. I went for the neutral white version but there are a few different colours including pink and blue if you know the gender. You may know, babies don’t really like silence as they’ve been in a womb listening to their mums life sounds for the past 9 months. Johnny is so used to noise with the dog so I hoped the Snoozy Bear would settle him and he’d feel less alone in the Next2Me.

The bear is controlled by it’s ‘heart’, everything from the sound, volume and the on/off. I personally can’t tell the difference between the noises but I’m sure Johnny can and probably has a favourite. The white noise available are 2 varieties of a hairdryer, amniotic fluid, ocean waves and rainfall. What I love most about the Snoozy Bear is that it automatically fades out after 60 minutes but if the baby begins to wake, it automatically comes back on which is great as Johnny only sleeps for an hour or so before he starts to stir. It’s also machine washable which has been useful as some nappy brands we’ve used have leaked so the Bear got a little shower.

The first time we used the Bear, Johnny slept for so long and we thought we were onto a winner. However as Johnny’s got older, he hates going in a bed on his own, either his Moses basket or Next2Me but it is getting a little better. The white noise doesn’t settle him if he’s already crying but it definitely helps him if he wakes in the night to go straight back to sleep. If the Bear has switched off and he starts to fret, it’ll turn back on and 90% of the time he’ll settle back to sleep. We use this every night now and to be honest I love it just as much as Johnny. I can definitely feel myself listening to it as I drift off, not that I need much help getting to sleep at the moment.

Do you have any newborn sleep hacks?

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