Baby| Johnny James Heapy – Our Birth Story

Yey our yellow bundle is finally here and turns out I was right, it was blue! Johnny James Heapy arrived on the 11th January 2017 at 11.44am and weighed a healthy 8lbs 8! I didn’t realise he’d be so big, I was definitely all baby! I wanted to write my birth story whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. I won’t go into too much gory detail but I do want it to be detailed so I can show Johnny in years to come.
JJ birth story

On Monday 9th Jan I had my 40 week midwife appointment at the doctors. It was a different midwife to usual and she asked if I’d had reduced movements. I didn’t even really think about it but said I hadn’t felt him as much the night before as usual. Before I knew it she was ringing the hospital and getting me in for a check up! I’d hyped myself up about going to the midwife that morning as I was dreading having a sweep but needed to give it a go to get baby out!

So Ryan came out of work and we waited at the hospital to be put on the monitors to have movement checked. Of course as soon as I got on the monitors Baby started moving lots but I could wait and see a doctor for a sweep and an induction date as I was already overdue. After a sweep from the doctor, I was really shocked to be told I was 3cm dilated which was crazy as  I hadn’t really had any pains and I know others who have been in labour for hours and still not got to 3cm! I was convinced Baby would be coming that night so we went home to relax!

Around 10pm that night I started having pains and  ended up ringing the hospital in the night. The midwife said I didn’t sound in enough pain to be in labour so to have a bath and eat and drink lots with paracetamol. I was annoyed at first, how did she know how much pain I was in?! However she was right as the pains stopped early Tuesday morning but Ryan thought it was probably best he stayed off work just incase. Tuesday night arrived and the pains started again but this time got more intense and more frequent. After starting with the pains at around 10pm after a spicy stir fry, a few walks, raspberry leaf tea and hot baths I decided to have another bath at 2am to see if these contractions were the real thing. They were as they got much worse once I got out and decided it was time to call the hospital again! This time they told me to come in and it finally got real Baby Heapy was gonna be here in the next few days at the most!

After being examined in triage, they decided I was 4cm dilated and my contractions were strong and frequent enough to stay in and be admitted to the delivery ward. I was a little upset as I’d had a water birth in mind since the beginning of pregnancy but as I’d been in twice for reduced movement(the second just a few days ago) Baby needed to be monitored constantly which meant I wasn’t allowed the pool. However, those rules are in place for a reason and I obviously just wanted our Baby here safely.

I was given 4 hours for my waters to break or they’d break them for me. 4 hours later and there was no progression. My waters were broken and a monitor was put on Baby’s head to monitor his heart rate which I won’t lie was bloody painful. Before labour started I was adamant I only wanted gas and air, I think mainly just because the cons of other pain relief scared me a little! However once my waters had gone the pain was horrendous and I was exhausted after not having slept for around 36 hours so I accepted the diamorphine. I’m so glad I took this now, it made me really sleepy between contractions and I actually managed to get some rest! The gas and air was also pretty amazing, I wouldn’t have coped with out that once I got far along.

The next thing I knew after my waters broke was that I needed to push! My midwife was so lovely and she’d already told me not to push without telling her first. I was so scared about tearing, before labour I promised myself always listen to the midwives to prevent this. It had only been around an hour since my waters went so I don’t think she thought I was ready to push but once she checked I was fully ready to go! After pushing for what seemed a life time, the next thing I knew around 5 more midwives had come into the room. I was a little out of it thanks to the pain relief but I just remember hearing the Baby was distressed and needed some assistance on getting out. I was then told I’d need to be cut (an episiotomy) and baby would need to have a ventouse on his head to help him be sucked out. A ventouse is basically a round sucky piece that gets the Baby’s head out pretty quickly. At that point I didn’t care what they were doing to me I just wanted him here safely and quickly so I agreed with everything they told me to do.

After even more pushing and pulling from the midwives, baby was out and on my chest! Ryan got to cut the cord which was really lovely and I just wanted to know if it was a girl or boy! He finally shouted ‘it’s a boy!’ and we were both so made up! We’d already chosen the name Johnny right at the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t even know who thought of the name but it just stuck where as we always struggled to decide on a name for a girl. I really liked Florence in the end but Ryan wasn’t keen. However during labour Ryan said if it was a girl we could have Florence, he obviously saw how much pain I was in, bless him he was so amazing during it all! We were going to have John as a middle name anyway after my Dad but once we’d found Johnny we obviously didn’t have that but I liked JJ as a nickname so decided on James!

The midwives advised me to have the injection that delivered the placenta as I was absolutely exhausted at this point. I was so grateful Johnny was here safely even though I’d dreaded having to have an episiotomy. Once we’d taken lots of photos, had skin to skin and freshened up we were moved to our room as I decided to pay for a private one. Due to Johnny’s traumatic entrance he was a little wingey so I just wanted to relax with him, plus I wanted my own toilet!

As I’m counted as out of areas for my hospital, I had to stay in overnight so Johnny could have his checks the next day as they wouldn’t come to the house. The first night in hospital was great and we got our first poo! Since coming home I’ve been pretty sore from the episiotomy and I’m still struggling to get in and out of bed to look after Johnny in the night so I’ve ended up buying the Chicco Next to Me. Apart from that, I’ve been feeling well but tired as Johnny hates to sleep in the night. Johnny’s also doing well and the bump on his head from the ventouse has more or less gone now. He’s lost 8% of this birth weight so now weighs 7lbs 13 which is within the 10% breastfed babies can lose in their first week. I can’t even thank the staff enough at Bolton hospital for looking after us, it really does make me appreciate our NHS. If you got to the end of this you’re amazing and thanks to everyone that’s sent kind words on social media, we’re so in love he’s just amazing!

Thanks for reading our birth story!

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  • MaisyMeow

    He is such a little cutie! Sounds like you had a rough time but that you did really well handling it for so long! As you say – as long as the baby gets here safely that’s all that matters. Hope you have a quick recovery and enjoy every minute with your new little family 🙂 xxx

  • Oh congratulations!! He’s gorgeous!! Sorry things didn’t quite go to plan for you, but it sounds like you coped amazingly <3 Hope you're enjoying getting to know your little man! xo

    • Thanks so much Jess xx

  • Glad to hear that even though it didn’t go to plan, everything turned out well for you both. Hope everything just keeps getting better!

    Nicky Zeeb xx

    • Thanks so much xx

  • Aw Congratulations! He’s gorgeous! xx


    • Thank you 🙂 xx