Beauty| Mini Reviews #8

I haven’t really done a Mini Reviews post for a while now and as I’ve got a few products lined up that I’ve been trying, I thought it was about time! I realise my blog is a little bit of everything at the moment, specifically beauty and baby and both won’t suit everyone. However, beauty is where I started but I also of course want to incorporate our new addition so hopefully people still read the posts they’re interested in. Anyway, I’ve got a few new beauty products to talk about and share my opinion on in this post.

Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews

Ogario Styling Mist*
I’ve been using this mist after towel drying my hair before styling. Just a few spritz’s are needed all over the head to boost volume. This is a great product and my hair is so much shinier once I’ve used it but I’m really not keen on the scent. The lemon zest increases the hair shine, the oats provide hydration and strength and the honey helps prevent the static charging of the hair. The results luckily outweigh the scent of the product! 7/10 

Vichy Ideal Body Serum Milk*
As the cold weather begins, so does the dry skin! I always find Vichy products smell amazing and this body serum is no different. You only need a tiny amount of this as it is quite runny so a little goes a long way. As soon as I apply this milk, I can feel it slowly sinking in and really hydrating my skin. I’ve been using this all over my body including over my big bump! The body balm from the same collection also looks amazing if you have really intense dry skin. 8/10

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara and False Lash Wings Combo
Don’t quote me on this but I’m sure I saw Lydia tweet about this combo so I decided to pick up both mascaras and give the combo a go. The Volume Millions Lashes mascara is nowhere near as good as my fave mascaras such as Bourjois volumizer or Benefit They’re Real. You don’t get that dramatic lash look that I would with those and on it’s own isn’t up there with the best. Similarly, the sculpt on it’s own isn’t great. I want to say they’re better together and they are, a little. However, I’m not going to lie, I was expecting miracles and for the same price I could have tried a more high end mascara (Charlotte Tilbury’s is on my list) Definitely not worth the price if wearing either alone and at a push maybe a little more worth it together. 5/10

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
My foundation seems to be either drying up at the moment or just generally looking uneven on the skin. I completely forgot I had a sample of this so thought I’d give it a whirl a few weeks ago. I can’t believe the difference this makes to my makeup. It applies so much better and stays on my skin until I’m home from work. I’m hoping this sample never runs out as it is pretty pricey but I don’t think I could go without this now I’ve tried it. 8/10

Have you tried any new products recently?

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