Baby| What’s in my Hospital Bag (Baby Edition)

As promised, todays post is what’s in my hospital bag – baby version. Last week, I wrote the same post but what’s in the mummys bag and I really hope someone found it useful! As I said then, I’ve read lots of lists and watched lots of Youtube videos on what to pack so I’m hoping I’ve remembered everything! If not, I can always send Ryan out to the nearest supermarket.

Whats in my Hospital Bag

Whats in my Hospital Bag

Whats in my Hospital Bag

It took actual weeks for me to decide on which changing bag to go for and I finally decided on the Tiba and Marl padded rucksack. I thought a rucksack would be more convenient as I’ll be going on walks with the pram and dog so it’s not likely to get in my way. I love the design of this bag, it has a fold up changing mat inside, insulated pockets for bottles and is pretty roomy.

I’m panicking that I’ve not packed enough clothes but if I do need to stay longer then Ryan can always bring more to the hospital as long as I leave a pile of ‘just incase’ baby clothes at home. As I haven’t had a scan since 23 weeks, I don’t really have any idea what the baby is going to weigh. The midwife gave me an estimation of 7lbs 10 based on my bump size now but I’ve heard this can be massively out! Therefore I’m going to take a mixture of sizes from various shops. I’m taking 2 Sainsburys vests which are up to 9lbs and 2 Primark vests which are up to 10lbs. Just in case baby is quite small or I give birth early, I’m also taking this cute The White Company safari vest which I regret buying in such a small size as it’s only up to 7lbs.

Sleepsuit wise, I’m taking this reindeer piece from Mothercare which I’m not sure is a bit Christmassy if they come after Christmas but I love it anyway. I’m also going to take 2 M&S sleepsuits with built in scratch mits. For their going home outfit, I think I’ve decided on this gorgeous Boots knit that I bought. I’ll then team it with socks, scratch mits and either a plain white hat or grey bear hat. With 6 and a half weeks to go, I’m probably going to change my mind on these outfits! I’ve got the same M&S cardigan in grey and cream so I’ve not decided which one to take yet, I’ll probably end up taking both if they can fit in the bag. You can see more of the baby clothes I’ve bought here and here.

I’m also undecided which blanket to take. I’ve heard the cellular blankets are the best for newborns so I may use this grey White Company blanket in hospital and leave the White Company animal blanket in the car to use on the car seat. I really love all he blankets we’ve bought, so it’s a touch decision! I’m also going to take 3 of the Primark muslins too. I’m not sure whether to take this Aden & Anais swaddle blanket to help them feel relaxed in case we’re in there for some time. The first teddy I bought was The White Company grey bunny so I’m going to take that too in the hope they love it just as much as I do.

Nappy wise, I’m just going to take a pack of size 1’s from Asda and also a few of the Boots nappy samples I’ve had in various goody bags just incase. I’ve also decided not to faff about with cotton wool and just use WaterWipes* instead. WaterWipes are 99.9% water with 0.1% fruit extract so these are perfect for newborns when their skin is so sensitive. I’ve also got a tiny pot of Metanium for any sore bums (the baby’s, not mine!) Although I am hoping to breastfeed, if for any reason baby doesn’t agree with it or I feel uncomfortable, I will stop. I’m not going to take any pressure to breastfeed and if either of us are unhappy with it, I’ll be changing to formula. Therefore I’m going to take this Cow and Gate starter pack just incase as I’m not sure if my hospital give free formula. I’m also taking a Nuby dummy for emergencies.

The most important items are the car seat and base. We went for the Joolz Besafe car seat in the end as we also bought a Joolz pram. After buying the car seat, I realised only one base fit and of course it was the most expensive one out there. It does fit the bigger car seats for the future so we will save money in the long run but unfortunately Ryan didn’t see it like that and I heard about it for the next 12 weeks! We’re going to have the car valeted as it’s not very clean at the moment so once we’ve done that we’ll probably fit the base and car seat in around week 35 just to be on the safe side.

Have I forgotten anything?

Ta Ta for now,

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  • I love your changing bag rucksack such a gorgeous design. It looks like you’re well prepared for baby’s arrival x

    Beauty with charm

  • The5thbookreader

    I am so nervous, I keep changing what I put in the bag. I just haven’t got it the way I want it yet 🙂