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One of the most common side effect of pregnancy are stretch marks. I’ll be honest in saying, I didn’t really think much about them until recently as I was too concerned with the constant sickness and rib pain! However, if you do get stretch marks, these usually hang around after pregnancy too. There’s certainly nothing wrong in getting stretch marks, it’s a sign of how hard your body is battling to bring a beautiful baby into the world but of course if there’s a way to prevent them, I think most expecting mothers are willing to give it a try!

Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours

Secret Saviours

Since finding out I was pregnant all those months ago, I’ve used the Palmers products and also more recently Bio Oil on my belly and muffin top. I was really excited to be sent the Secret Saviours* products which includes a luxurious day gel, moisturising night cream and supportive belly band! These products have won numerous baby awards so I always knew they were going to be good.

The anti stretch mark band is super comfy to wear and can’t be seen under clothing. It’s lined with special pads that protects your bump, makes it difficult for stretch marks to form and offers back support too. I wear this most days with the day gel applied underneath which means it slips on super easy. I received the small pink band but it should last til the end of my pregnancy as it’s really stretchy. The first time I wore the band and gel, it did feel a bit strange, like an extra layer of skin but after a few hours I didn’t even notice it. I also love the cute little love heart where my belly button is!

The gel and cream smell amazing which is great seeing as the scents do hang around. The night cream especially is super nice as it smells relaxing and calming. I apply this straight after my bath and it sinks in immediately as it isn’t too thick, I’ve been really lucky so far in that I’ve not got any stretch marks but I think if I’m going to get stretch marks, it’s going to be in the last few weeks so it’s important I keep up with wearing the band and products. So far so good!

Have you found anything to help with stretch marks?

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*This post contains PR samples

  • I hope this works for you and you avoid stretch marks. I was completely fine until the last two weeks when I went overdue and got all the stretch marks sigh! x

    Beauty with charm

    • ah fingers crossed xx