Baby| An Introduction to Nuby UK

I’m so excited to announce Baby Heapy and I are Nuby UK brand reps! I’ll speak for us both when I say we’re really excited to try their products once baby appears but for now, I just wanted to show off this amazing package they very kindly sent to us. As a first time mum, I’m a bit clueless at what exactly we need/Baby will like but Nuby sent us a selection of products to try so we can really get to know what Baby takes to.

Nuby UK

Nuby UK

Nuby UK

Nuby UK

First up, I’ve heard about many babies being colic so these Nuby 360 anti-reflux and colic bottles* are going to be very useful if Baby Heapy is also colic. I know Kirsty recently wrote a post about how amazing they’ve been for her little boy so I have really high hopes for them. They also come with a years supply of teats.

We also received 6 cute Natural Touch bottles* with ‘I Love You to the Moon & Back’ and stars on them which even though they look pretty big, they’re for 0+ months so will last a good while. The teats are inspired by the shape and texture of mum’s breast in order to encourage babies to latch on easily. The 6 bottle set also includes a tiny soother i.e. dummy and a cute monkey that attaches to it. I actually called our baby monkey from the start, when they were a tiny poppy seed so this cute teddy is perfect. Nuby say 9/10 babies accepted the easy latch softflex teat so are perfect for us as we’re planing to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding so Ryan can help with feeds too. The bottles are slow feed and hold up to 9oz.

I’ve mentioned before that we have emergency dummies including these Nuby night dummies*. They are one size so these will last from 0-18m although I’m hoping we won’t use them for that long. They glow in the dark so are easy to find should they lose it and come with a orthodontic cherry shape with texture that comforts.

These cute Snug and Dry bibs* match the Natural Touch bottles which is perfect. These again are great for breast fed and bottle bed babies plus are gender neutral which is perfect for us team yellow Mummy and Daddies. Although we can’t use the BugaLoop teether toy* for a while, until they start teething, I’m interested to see if this helps relieve any pain! It’s a hard and soft teether for cutting and strengthening Baby’s teeth.

A massive thanks to Nuby for allowing us to be a #NubyUKBrandRep. I can’t wait to test all the products once Baby arrives and let you know how we get along with them.

Do you use anything from Nuby for your baby?

Ta Ta for now,

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