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Hi Sweets,

I’ve never needed to wear braces which doesn’t entirely mean I couldn’t have done with them when I was younger. I’m quite paranoid about my teeth and one thing in general I don’t like about my own set is the crooked bottom. I’m not sure why my dentist didn’t recommend braces for my bottom teeth when I was younger but I think if she would have asked, I probably wouldn’t have been too keen about getting them at the time. I don’t know what it is with braces but teenagers especially don’t like to wear them and I would have been no different though they obviously benefit you in the future. 
However, Invisalign* provides all the benefits of braces but without the silver ‘train tracks’. I also think these sound a lot more hygienic as each plastic aligner is replaced after two weeks with new fresh  aligners. They can also be removed when needed such as when brushing or eating. Of course the main benefit of this kind of brace is they aren’t visible to others, 
I tend to forget that many adults still use braces and it isn’t just teenagers. If you’re worried about the alignment of your teeth but don’t want the feeling of heavy metal in your mouth, then the Sensu Invisaligns could be right for you!

Would you consider Invisalign?

 Ta Ta for now,

*Written in Collaboration with Sensu