Well, it’s been a while Glossy Boutique! Life just seemed to get in the way of blogging over the last 6 months or so and I didn’t want to force it when I didn’t really have anything to say! However, I had to come back to write about an amazing cleansing system I’ve been loving, the new BeGlow TIA* all in one. I’ve been testing this for over a month now and I think it’s time I give my honest opinion.

BeGlow TIA

BeGlow Tia System

BeGlow System

BeGlow cleansing

The system comes with a pouch which is great for travelling and a little USB cable to charge it – a full charge lasts 12 months! I’ve used a cleansing device before which I enjoyed using so I knew this was always going to be a hit for me with an extra feature. You have your normal cleansing brush (the white part) which is perfect to use with your favourite cleanser, mine is currently the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel.

I’ve been using the brush only when wearing either no make up or very little so it doesn’t end up brown! It’s really good at removing the make-up though so if you can cope with the cleaning then go ahead and use it for heavy makeup. I will first remove my makeup with Clinique’s Take the Day off balm which I love at the moment. The three key features of the TIA device is cleansing, anti-ageing and Dual Pulse contouring so you can see why it’s pretty expensive at £199 but if it works (which I definitely think it does) it’s 100% worth it.

The extra feature I mentioned is the titanium plate at the bottom. This sends high and low pulsations to the skin when touching which is great at reducing pores and aiding in anti-ageing. The Dual Pulse feature helps tone the muscles in your face and I like to use it on my neck too! It’s completely waterproof so you can give it a good wash after each use but they do recommend changing the head every 12 months.

To use the cleansing brush, simply pop on a pea size amount of your cleanser, press the top button and gently move the device round your face. Press the button again to enter the standard cleansing programme. Press control button 2 to start the anti-ageing programme and press the silver area to your concerned wrinkled areas. To start the Dual Pulse programme press both buttons for 3 seconds and let this nifty device do the rest! If you’re looking for a high end investment to turn your skin around, I couldn’t recommend this enough. It really is doing wonders, especially my neck which I’ve always been conscious about. Look Fantastic also sell the BeGlow Pura which is £109 and is the cleansing brush alone if you wanted to save some pennies.

It’s good to be back!

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I can’t believe Johnny is one next week! I feel my whole maternity leave has gone in a flash but what a year it has been. I’ve loved every day with my little boy and I’ve no doubt had the best year of my life. We’ve been to a few different baby classes so if any readers are pregnant or on leave at the moment, these are the ones I’d recommend.

I saw Baby Sensory being advertised on Facebook and it’s just round the corner. They were also offering a free trial so I had nothing to lose! Johnny was around 8 weeks old when we started sensory and we still go now, we both absolutely love it! There’s always activities planned which fill the full 50 minutes and each one keeps Johnny entertained. I’ve also met some other Mums which has been fab as we stay behind after the class for a drink and a chance for the little ones to have breakfast. I can’t recommend baby sensory enough, from the welcome song to the messy play, we’ve loved every class and I’m going to really miss it when I go back to work.

We also have swimming classes normally once a week. We started when Johnny was about 5 months and we haven’t looked back since. The classes are pretty pricey at £12.50 per lesson but it’s 100% worth it. Our lessons are with Puddle Ducks and they are based around the country. Swimming from an early age gets them used to the water but also teaches them what to do in an emergency for example Johnny can hold onto the side already! If we miss a week he can get a little wingey but he’s back to his happy, splashy self the week after! If you know you’re going to miss a class, you can book a holiday so you don’t miss out which means we can do 2 classes a week sometimes. Johnny has a long nap after each lesson which is an added bonus. I was too scared to put Johnny under the water myself when we first went but now we’re both used to it as the teachers gave us both that confidence we needed. He loves his swimming lessons!

Recently we’ve also been to Rhythm Time. They very kindly sent one of their baby band packs* so Johnny enjoys playing with his instruments at home too. The classes are only 30 minutes long so the babies don’t get restless as they’re quite short. There’s a lot of singing in the classes aswell as them being quite active for Mummy and baby which I enjoyed. I went to the class in Lymm and the teacher was great at singing and keeping the babies entertained. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised how far it was away from us so I would choose a different Rhythm Time class next time.

Have you taken your little one to any classes?

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With not long until the big day, I thought I’d share my unique gift picks for this Christmas. If you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift, hopefully I’ve found something to make that buying process a little easier.

Festive Drinks

Who doesn’t love a festive tipple over Christmas and even better if they’re festive themed like these two from Greene King. Rocking Rudolph**, a full bodied beer with redcurrant and blackcurrant flavour, is available from Aldi whilst you can get your hands on Old Mulled Hen**, a warming cinnamon ale, from Nisa or Morrisons. These are great stocking fillers for those in your life that enjoy a good ale.

If you’re more of a spirits person, this gorgeous gin set** from The Lakes Distillery is for you. Each bauble contains 5cl of high quality gin and can be hung on your tree! The set contains x2 hand-filled 5cl gin baubles of The Lakes Gin, x2 5cl baubles of Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueurs and x2 5cl baubles of Lakes Damson Gin Liqueurs. They also do the same set but with vodka or whiskey. Such a lovely present, even if they don’t make it on your tree!

Beauty Products

The perfect beauty gift for myself would be these fab Lypsyl balms**. I’m always applying lip balm especially in the winter when my lips are dry. They’re really handy for keeping in your bag as they have a mirror in the compact too. The lip balm is SPF15 and is packed with shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera. There are 4 flavours available – original, mandarin, vanilla and orange blossom.

Another option is of course perfume and I love these two new scents from Monsoon and Accesorize. Rose Gold** has the most gorgeous packaging along with the scent to match, juicy top notes of citrus to create a real feminine scent. The Lovelily fragrance** from Accessorize has fruity notes but the packaging is what steals it for me, it looks stunning on my dressing table. Both look so expensive but are so reasonable!

7th Heaven have also got some great gift sets available this Christmas including this Top to Toe Treats tin**. I’ve just included a few of the sachets but you actually get 12 sachets and a tin to keep them in all for under £10. As the name states, the sachets are for all over the body including foot masks, hair masks and face masks.

I’ve been loving Vichy** products recently too and they’re a great idea for that make-up lover in your life. I’ve particularly been loving their setting powder as I’m always rushing around it ensures my foundation doesn’t start running down my face! I’ve also been using their dermablend concealer that is amazing at covering up blemishes! It’s really easy to apply as it’s creamy and blends into the skin without looking cakey which I find with some similar concealers.


Who remembers when phones were just that and there was no social media distractions? The Nokia** 3310 allows you to talk, text and take snaps of your loved ones over the festive period. Not everyone wants an all singing, dancing phone so this is perfect for those that just want to make calls or have a cheeky game of Snake. The phone has had a 2017 makeover and is available in many bright colours including red, yellow and blue. It’s also great as a first phone for your children.

Azoomee is a great gift for the little ones. It’s an amazing app** for our little ones that gives access to educational films, tv shows and games all in one safe place. There are no ads and no in-app purchases which means we won’t receive any unexpected bills. Johnny has enjoyed watching the shows on my phone and it means I can do a few jobs whilst he’s occupied. Use the code FAMILY at checkout for 50% off a yearly subscription.

Children’s Gifts

As it’s Johnny’s first Christmas, I’m trying to start a few traditions this year. The first being his Christmas eve box that I made and his Christmas eve book** which I’ll read to him each year. Penwizard very kindly sent over a personalised Snowman book which is perfect. I could even pick his hair colour and skin tone, although I had to guess at his hair colour as he still doesn’t have much! Your child will love reading this traditional story even more when they actually feature in it! Use GLOSSY20 at checkout for 20% off personalised books (see T&Cs below*)

What’s on your Christmas list?

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*Not valid in conjunction with any other offers or discount codes. Discount valid on personalised books only. Offer valid until midnight Wednesday 13th December 2017. Penwizard cannot provide refunds for unused discount codes.

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Yep I did it, I mentioned the C word in October but as it’s Johnny’s first Christmas I need to get organised! I’m so excited for Christmas this year but also slightly dreading it as it’ll be closer to going back to work and leaving JJ. Last year I was hoping Johnny wouldn’t arrive early as he was due on the 7th January but if he’d had arrived before Christmas I wouldn’t have been organised at all. It means this year I can really go all out on the baby’s first Christmas bits and make it one to remember! I know he’ll have no idea what day it is but it matters to me that we have the best Christmas, the first as our little family. I’ve loved Christmas ever since being small myself thanks to my family making it such a special time so I want to do the same for Johnny. I’ve already bought, made and been sent a few bits so I thought I’d show you what I have so far!

Betsy Benn Babys first Christmas

Betsy Benn Babys first Christmas

Betsy Benn Christmas Decoration

Betsy Benn Babys first Christmas

Christmas Eve Box 2017

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

I’m not really that crafty but I’m pretty impressed with my DIY Christmas box I just need to fill it with bits now! So far I’m thinking cute Christmas pyjamas (I’ve already bought some Christmas sleep suits!), a cute Christmas film, a cuddly christmas comforter or teddy bear and maybe some baby sweet treats. If anyone has any other ideas what I could include, do let me know! This box took a lot longer to make than I’d originally planned but its been worth being able to add my own touch to it. I may have also made one for my dog too…

Personalised Christmas Sack

I’m not planning on buying a lot for Johnny this year for a few reasons. He will get so much bought from family and friends plus if he needs anything I’ve just been buying it when he does. Also, it’s his birthday two weeks later so I’ll run out of what to buy! However, he still needs a personalised sack just to put his small presents in plus it can be saved for many years to come. I’m also considering a stocking just to start a tradition with but again I’m not sure yet as what to put in so please let me know any ideas. I really love the traditional hessian sacks, I can’t wait until Johnny’s old enough to understand all about Christmas!

Personalised Christmas Decorations

I really wanted to shed a tear when this beautiful decoration* arrived from Betsy Benn, they sell some amazing Christmas Ornaments and it was really hard to choose just one. I eventually went for the wooden tag that is a letter from the big guy himself. I love that it has the date stamped on too to show Johnny’s first Christmas. It’s just such a special keepsake that I’ll be putting on my tree every year. My favourite part of the letter is the mention of the man in the moon as when I was small my Grandad always used to mention the man in the moon so it’s so sentimental. I love that Christmas tree decorations can be sentimental yet still look gorgeous on the tree and Betsy Benn really have so many beautiful pieces. They have given Glossy Boutique readers 10% off their site, just use Glossy10 at the checkout. You can find many gorgeous gifts on their site for every occasion and family member.

Betsy Benn is a homegrown family business in London. I absolutely love their products including the many Christmas products as well as stunning prints and gifts. The quality of this decoration is amazing for just £14, you can tell each product is made with the greatest care. I can’t wait to get it up on our tree once December arrives!

Have you got anything special lined up for your little one?

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Its been too long since I blogged! I seriously don’t know where time has gone, my maternity leave is going so fast. At the moment, I don’t have much time to myself hence the lack of blog posts but I’m going to try and get better! Before we went away at the beginning of the month, the lovely people at CaseApp sent over my gorgeous personalised phone case* and a few skins* for my MacBook. They also want to give one of my lucky the chance to win their own case or skin too!

CaseApp Giveaway

I love my personalised phone case as it has all my favourites on it but I also couldn’t resist a marble and pink case with this matching MacBook skin! The personalised cases are so easy to design, I’d recommend doing it on a laptop rather than a mobile for extra control. You don’t have to choose what I picked, you can pick from all the amazing skins or phone cases from CaseApp. You can also get 20% off any purchases with code EMMA20.

The giveaway ends on the 17th October and CaseApp will send a special code for the winner to design their product. I can’t wait to see what the winner picks! Open to UK residents only.

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