I seem to be obsessed with skincare at the moment and finding the right products for my hormonal, sensitive skin is high on my agenda right now. My skin is always really dehydrated which results in my makeup sticking to any dry patches so I’ve recently been introducing serums into my skincare routine and they’ve been a saviour.

Skincare Lately

Skincare Lately

Skincare Lately

Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion* £37.40 here
This cleanser is perfect for me right now as it’s really gentle and a mild foaming cream. It contains natural ingredients such as aloe, cucumber, chamomile and green tea so it smells really fresh! The lotion is so gentle that I’ve been using it morning and night and I’ve noticed my face looks so much brighter. It may seem like an expensive cleanser but the tube is huge at 240ml and you only need to use a tiny amount on each application.

Gallinée La Culture Face Mask and Scrub* £18 here
Although I’ve been loving the Claudia Louch cleanser, I’ve also needed to use a face scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Not only is it a great scrub but I’ve also been using it a few times a week as a mask. Again, this product smells really fresh thanks to its ingredients of Kaolin Clay, Sea Minerals and Vitamin E.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum £22.50 here
For a higher end serum, I’ve been loving Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum. Even though this is a water based serum, it’s still perfect for dry/dehydrated skin and I’m not really show why it works! It has quite a floral scent but this didn’t affect my newly hormonal, sensitive skin. The serum soaks into the skin within seconds which means you don’t need to wait around to apply your moisturiser then makeup.

L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum £3.95 here
I’d read so many rave reviews of the L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum so I had to give in and buy it. The packaging is stunning especially for such a bargain product, I love the bright pink and white ombre look! Although it comes out as a white serum, it quickly blends flawlessly into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling smoother and tighter. My makeup also looks better when applied over the Skin Perfection Serum and a moisturiser as it doesn’t cling to any dry patches thanks to the extra hydration from the serum.

Which skincare products have you been loving lately?

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*This post contains PR Samples


Now we’ve had our 20 week scan, it’s time to concentrate on starting to design the nursery. We’ve actually already bought our nursery furniture which I’ll be revealing in my 20 week update soon. For now, I thought I’d include a few pieces that I’ve got my eye on for our inspiration. As we are staying Team Yellow i.e. not finding out the gender, we’re going for a white and grey theme as you can tell from my picks!

Nursery Inspiration

BoConcept Round Rug | Cush & Co Knot Cushion | BoConcept Armchair | Mamas & Papas Hedgehog | Etsy Paintings | Snuz Reversible Blanket | John Lewis Changing Mat | Mamas & Papas Mobile | Mamas & Papas Nursery Tidy | BoConcept Shelves

BoConcept is a Modern and Contemporary furniture store that have some amazing neutral pieces for my nursery! The first being this fluffy grey rug which is exactly like what I want. We’re having grey laminate flooring in the nursery as we have some left over from our living room so I want a huge round rug like this one! I’ve been stalking Pinterest since finding out I’m pregnant for nursery inspiration and came across this cute knot cushion. Both my wardrobes and drawers have outside shelves so I think the knot cushion and hedgehog will look super cute on those. At the moment I’m on the hunt for a comfy armchair for the nursery and although I originally wanted a rocking chair, I’m really struggling to find one. BoConcept have some stunning designer sofas* but we’ve decided to go for a chair for a little more support when feeding.

I definitely want to add a tiny pop of colour to the nursery and I love the Snuz blankets. I’m also obsessed with animal prints for the room and again the pop of colour in these Etsy prints would be lovely. We are lucky enough to have quite a large nursery so I’m going to need quite a lot of decoration for the walls as we’re just painting the walls white. I think these in the grey frames are going to be perfect! I must say I’m really impressed with John Lewis for their baby selection. I’ve got my eye on this white with grey stars changing mat and it’s less than £10!

From Mamas & Papas, I love their Sweet Dreams cot mobile and also their bunny nursery tidy! This will be handy for muslin clothes, nappies and other bit and bobs! I also want some kind of book storage in the nursery and I love this wall unit. I could fit so much in here and again it would fill up a bit of empty wall space! If you know of any good sites I can purchase nursery accessories from to make it a little more unique, please let me know!

Have you seen any cute unisex nursery pieces?

Ta Ta for now,


*Written in Collaboration with BoConcept


It’s that time of the month again and this time the theme is a My Little Friends Box. I’ve loved the last few My Little Boxes but this months just isn’t for me. As usual, the box is really creative and contains products you wouldn’t find in other subscription boxes but the main products just aren’t something I’ll use. I can see others loving the My Little Friends Box so I suppose it’s just personal opinion.

My Little Friends Box

My Little Friends Box

My Little Friends Box

My Little Friends Box

What’s in the box?

Kadalys Hydramuse Comforting Cream
always seem to include beauty brands I’ve never heard and this is another. However, this sounds right up my street as it promises to hydrate the skin thanks to ingredients such as yellow banana, mango butter and hyaluronic acid. This can also be used morning and night. Plus it can be used as a hydrating mask if you leave it for 20 minutes and wipe off with a cotton pad.

Batiste Hold Me Hairspray £4.49/400ml
I love Batiste dry shampoos especially the XXL one for volume so I’m excited to try one of their hairsprays. I didn’t actually realise they’d started selling hairsprays!

Propercorn Popcorn £1/30g
I really like that MLB included yummy popcorn in this months box. I’m sure this is the first time I’ve received food from them and it’s always greatly eaten! I’d definitely buy more of this in the supermarket.

Printed Fish Eye Phone Lens £12
This is a great idea but I doubt I’ll ever use it. This creates a fish eye effect on your photos so basically your photo is in a round circle. As I’ve said I doubt I’d ever see this in a different subscription box so 10 out of 10 for effort but it’s just something I wouldn’t use.

My Little Beauty Summer Lips £12
I loved the last lip balm they included and as you know I’m a huge fan of the My Little Beauty products. I did say I wished the last balm had an SPF and they seemed to have listened as this one has an SPF 20. It also has a very slight tint and is a ‘My Lips but Better’ colour. The packaging is so cute and this is definitely my favourite product from this months box but seems expensive at £12!

My Little Beauty Nail Kit £7.50
I never really do anything to my nails so this is the biggest waste for me in this months box. I like the creative content of including this and it is really cute but just not for me unfortunately. I’m sure my mum will love it!

As I said, not the best box for me but I am overly impressed with their flamingo print lip balm. I’m hoping the boxes will get better leading up to Christmas otherwise I’ll definitely be cancelling when my maternity pay starts. My Little Box retails at £14.95 including postage.

What do you think of this months box?

Ta Ta for now,



Daphnes feeling a little left out at the moment with a new baby on the way so when I was asked to work with her and write about her #RSPCAPetPeeves in return for a little treat for Daphne, I couldn’t say no! I know I’m biased but Daphne has the best personality, she makes me laugh every day! Even when she’s being naughty, I laugh. I know some people are against it but Daphne sleeps with us in our bed. It’s our own fault really as the first night we brought her home she was howling in the kitchen and it seriously broke my heart. Ever since, she just gets herself comfy in our bed, starting at my feet and making her way to the pillow through the night where she sleeps like a human! We actually like her sleeping with us as we don’t see her much through the week and she’s like a hot water bottle!RSPCAPetPeeves

Ignore my ill face, this was during the horrendous 10 times a day sickness! So Daphne tells me all her pet peeves involve her nap time. As you can see from the pictures, Daphne loves nothing better than a good nap! Whether that be in our bed or on our laps she can sleep pretty much anywhere. Daphne hates having to get up in a morning, she’ll go down for breakfast with her dad and then will be straight back up in bed with me. Of course, during the week when we’re both working, it means she has to get up too! She lets me know she’s not happy with a little huff and scuffles into her own bed downstairs. Her other pet peeve is when we have the lights and television on at night! As I said, Daphne doesn’t like to be disturbed so she hides under the blanket I normally have over my legs to shield out the light and television. We really do have a little diva on our hands but she’s amazing!

My only pet peeve about Daphne is wanting to go for so many toilet breaks in the night! I know as soon as she wants to go as she does a little shake and then jumps off the bed wanting to go outside. Sometimes she doesn’t wake up at all, sometimes it’s just once but recently it’s been 5 times a night! Luckily, my husbands a gem and gets up most times as it’s just too much for me at the moment especially as we live in a three storey house so two flights of stairs! We also have to be really careful with her jumping on and off the bed as Mini Dachshunds have problems with their backs when they get older so we’ve been sure to buy pet insurance* for Daphne as she deserves only the best care!

What are your animals Pet Peeves? 

Ta Ta for now,

*Daphne received some treats in return for her pet peeves!