Yey our yellow bundle is finally here and turns out I was right, it was blue! Johnny James Heapy arrived on the 11th January 2017 at 11.44am and weighed a healthy 8lbs 8! I didn’t realise he’d be so big, I was definitely all baby! I wanted to write my birth story whilst it’s still fresh in my mind. I won’t go into too much gory detail but I do want it to be detailed so I can show Johnny in years to come.
JJ birth story

On Monday 9th Jan I had my 40 week midwife appointment at the doctors. It was a different midwife to usual and she asked if I’d had reduced movements. I didn’t even really think about it but said I hadn’t felt him as much the night before as usual. Before I knew it she was ringing the hospital and getting me in for a check up! I’d hyped myself up about going to the midwife that morning as I was dreading having a sweep but needed to give it a go to get baby out!

So Ryan came out of work and we waited at the hospital to be put on the monitors to have movement checked. Of course as soon as I got on the monitors Baby started moving lots but I could wait and see a doctor for a sweep and an induction date as I was already overdue. After a sweep from the doctor, I was really shocked to be told I was 3cm dilated which was crazy as  I hadn’t really had any pains and I know others who have been in labour for hours and still not got to 3cm! I was convinced Baby would be coming that night so we went home to relax!

Around 10pm that night I started having pains and  ended up ringing the hospital in the night. The midwife said I didn’t sound in enough pain to be in labour so to have a bath and eat and drink lots with paracetamol. I was annoyed at first, how did she know how much pain I was in?! However she was right as the pains stopped early Tuesday morning but Ryan thought it was probably best he stayed off work just incase. Tuesday night arrived and the pains started again but this time got more intense and more frequent. After starting with the pains at around 10pm after a spicy stir fry, a few walks, raspberry leaf tea and hot baths I decided to have another bath at 2am to see if these contractions were the real thing. They were as they got much worse once I got out and decided it was time to call the hospital again! This time they told me to come in and it finally got real Baby Heapy was gonna be here in the next few days at the most!

After being examined in triage, they decided I was 4cm dilated and my contractions were strong and frequent enough to stay in and be admitted to the delivery ward. I was a little upset as I’d had a water birth in mind since the beginning of pregnancy but as I’d been in twice for reduced movement(the second just a few days ago) Baby needed to be monitored constantly which meant I wasn’t allowed the pool. However, those rules are in place for a reason and I obviously just wanted our Baby here safely.

I was given 4 hours for my waters to break or they’d break them for me. 4 hours later and there was no progression. My waters were broken and a monitor was put on Baby’s head to monitor his heart rate which I won’t lie was bloody painful. Before labour started I was adamant I only wanted gas and air, I think mainly just because the cons of other pain relief scared me a little! However once my waters had gone the pain was horrendous and I was exhausted after not having slept for around 36 hours so I accepted the diamorphine. I’m so glad I took this now, it made me really sleepy between contractions and I actually managed to get some rest! The gas and air was also pretty amazing, I wouldn’t have coped with out that once I got far along.

The next thing I knew after my waters broke was that I needed to push! My midwife was so lovely and she’d already told me not to push without telling her first. I was so scared about tearing, before labour I promised myself always listen to the midwives to prevent this. It had only been around an hour since my waters went so I don’t think she thought I was ready to push but once she checked I was fully ready to go! After pushing for what seemed a life time, the next thing I knew around 5 more midwives had come into the room. I was a little out of it thanks to the pain relief but I just remember hearing the Baby was distressed and needed some assistance on getting out. I was then told I’d need to be cut (an episiotomy) and baby would need to have a ventouse on his head to help him be sucked out. A ventouse is basically a round sucky piece that gets the Baby’s head out pretty quickly. At that point I didn’t care what they were doing to me I just wanted him here safely and quickly so I agreed with everything they told me to do.

After even more pushing and pulling from the midwives, baby was out and on my chest! Ryan got to cut the cord which was really lovely and I just wanted to know if it was a girl or boy! He finally shouted ‘it’s a boy!’ and we were both so made up! We’d already chosen the name Johnny right at the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t even know who thought of the name but it just stuck where as we always struggled to decide on a name for a girl. I really liked Florence in the end but Ryan wasn’t keen. However during labour Ryan said if it was a girl we could have Florence, he obviously saw how much pain I was in, bless him he was so amazing during it all! We were going to have John as a middle name anyway after my Dad but once we’d found Johnny we obviously didn’t have that but I liked JJ as a nickname so decided on James!

The midwives advised me to have the injection that delivered the placenta as I was absolutely exhausted at this point. I was so grateful Johnny was here safely even though I’d dreaded having to have an episiotomy. Once we’d taken lots of photos, had skin to skin and freshened up we were moved to our room as I decided to pay for a private one. Due to Johnny’s traumatic entrance he was a little wingey so I just wanted to relax with him, plus I wanted my own toilet!

As I’m counted as out of areas for my hospital, I had to stay in overnight so Johnny could have his checks the next day as they wouldn’t come to the house. The first night in hospital was great and we got our first poo! Since coming home I’ve been pretty sore from the episiotomy and I’m still struggling to get in and out of bed to look after Johnny in the night so I’ve ended up buying the Chicco Next to Me. Apart from that, I’ve been feeling well but tired as Johnny hates to sleep in the night. Johnny’s also doing well and the bump on his head from the ventouse has more or less gone now. He’s lost 8% of this birth weight so now weighs 7lbs 13 which is within the 10% breastfed babies can lose in their first week. I can’t even thank the staff enough at Bolton hospital for looking after us, it really does make me appreciate our NHS. If you got to the end of this you’re amazing and thanks to everyone that’s sent kind words on social media, we’re so in love he’s just amazing!

Thanks for reading our birth story!

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So my due date has been and gone yet I still have a baby in my belly! I haven’t done many updates on my blog but now I’m finally at my due date, I wanted to post how I’d got on since my last update at week 23. It seems such a long time since I found out I was pregnant but then again I suppose 9 months really is a long time! I’ve definitely found pregnancy a lot easier since I finished work which meant I didn’t have to commute to Manchester every day. The first trimester and a half were definitely the worst of it with the sickness and tiredness but I still haven’t loved being pregnant since either. I feel really selfish saying that because I feel so lucky to be pregnant and to be welcoming a child into our lives but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna lie! Of course, pregnancy wouldn’t put me off having another child as I know the positives will 100% outweigh how rubbish I’ve felt.

 40 Week Pregnancy Update

How Far Gone: 40 Weeks + 1! Yesterday was my due date.

How does the Bump Look: Very round, sticking outwards and pretty big now!

Other Body Changes: Touch Wood I’ve had no stretch marks yet! My boobs are definitely lower than before though – glam. I think I’ve put around 2 and a half stone on so far which is actually a lot less than I thought it would be.

Sleep: Usually wake for a few hours in the night but then sleep in till 10. Oops!

Symptoms: Acid reflux and sickness! My groins also cease up if I’ve sat for too long and I struggle to get out of bed/off the couch. I really have had sickness throughout most of my pregnancy and the last few weeks it’s been back to its worse. Christmas Day morning was probably the worst but I think a lot of it is because of the acid.

Gender: Team yellow but I’ve always said Boy.

Movement: Non stop especially when lay on my left side in bed or just before tea time.

Wedding Rings: On (just)

Excited for: To meet my baby and find out if it’s a girl or boy!

At around week 30, I thought Baby would be early but as soon as I got to week 37 I knew I’d still be pregnant at week 40. Of course, I only want them to come once they’re ready but now I’ve hit my due date, I’m desperate to meet them! Every twinge or cramp, I think it won’t be long now but Baby still isn’t ready to come out and meet their Mummy and Daddy. Hopefully it won’t be much longer now and I’ll post on my Twitter/Instagram once they’ve arrived! This was a pretty quick update but it’s something I’ll want to look back on in a few years time. I’m hoping my next post on here will be introducing Baby Heapy as I have a midwife appointment on Monday and I’m hoping she’ll get Baby moving!

Is your money on pink or blue?!

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Seeing as I’m still waiting for Baby Heapy to make an appearance, I’ve been having some ‘me’ time by pampering myself. I thought Tangle Teezer only sold the detangling brushes so I was really excited to see they now stock blow drying brushes as well as other products such as finishing brushes. I have a split fringe cut in at the minute so I needed something exactly like this brush to help position it in the right place.

Tangle Teezer Round Brush

Tangle Teezer Round Brush

Tangle Teezer Round Brush

Tangle Teezer Round Brush

I opted for the large round finishing brush* as this is recommended for medium/long hair but my hair is quite thick too. If you have shorter, fine hair then the small round brush would be big enough. As I said this is perfect for styling my fringe but also for  getting that big hair look whilst blow drying. Thanks to the brush teeth technology, the round brush picks up hair at the root for great lift which is exactly what I need as my hair is quite flat on top. I also have a weird crown but since using this brush, I can lift the hair over my crown so I don’t have that strange patch at the back of my head.

The teeth of the brush also help to dry the hair quicker as they remove excess water. Again this is a great feature for me as I have a lot of hair so it does take a while for my hair to fully dry. Although, I still need to straighten/curl my hair after drying with the brush as my hair is naturally wavy, styling time has cut down dramatically. The brush also reduces frizz thanks to the teeth which is something I really struggle with again thanks to my thick hair. The brushes are a little more expensive than others you could get but the teeth of the brush are so different to anything I’ve tried, you really can tell the difference in quality. This will last years too! Just be careful not to drop it on your head as it is pretty heavy (I’m honestly not talking from experience…)

I also asked for a new hairdryer for Christmas and my in-laws very kindly bought me the Trevor Sorbie Blow Dry kit which is perfect to use with my new Tangle Teezer brush. The hairdryer has 2 speed and 3 temperature settings so is really flexible and also has an Ionic generator to again help with the frizz! Now I just need to persuade the husband to buy me some Rose Gold GHD straighteners for my birthday and I’m all set with my new hair equipment!

What are your blow drying tips?

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*This post contains PR samples


2016 was a different kind of year regarding the make-up and skincare I’ve loved. I’m usually all about the make-up but this year I’ve been more into my skincare. I think because I’ve been quite sick through pregnancy, I couldn’t be bothered wearing much make-up! However, over the last few weeks since finishing work, I’ve made a little more effort. Here’s a round up of the make-up and skincare I’d highly recommend!

2016 Makeup and Skincare Favourites

2016 Makeup and Skincare Favourites

2016 Makeup and Skincare Favourites

2016 Makeup and Skincare Favourites

Claudia Louch Face Cream with Deep Line Complex
I’ve been using this every night for the last few months and it’s by far my favourite night moisturiser. It feels really rich on the skin but not oily at all! I love the pump but I can feel I’m down to the last bit of this and although it’s really expensive, I need to repurchase really soon!

Garnier Micellar Water 
Definitely the biggest bargain of the year! I love this micellar water, it’s so much better than every other I’ve tried. It’s always on offer somewhere so you can get a large bottle for less than £4 which lasts forever. This removes every last bit of makeup and mascara (even waterproof) and I wouldn’t change to any other second cleanser now.

Lancome Grandiôse Liner
I’m not a massive eyeliner fan mainly because I’m rubbish at it! I just can’t seem to finish it well. However, this is by far my favourite liner as it’s really thin and bends in all the right places for an even line.

Becca Backlight Primer
My favourite primer of the year is this one from Becca. I’ve raved about this many times on my blog and I’d recommend this to anyone that likes a dewy finish.

Milani blush in Tea Rose
I bought this from Vegas in March and it’s been my go to blush ever since. As well as the design looking really pretty, the colour is a subtle pink that gives a gorgeous flush for an every day look. I just wish Milani were a bit more accessible in the UK!

Maybelline Velvet Foundation
Another purchase from Vegas but the good news is that this is now available in the UK! I love the coverage of this foundation as it’s really buildable so is perfect for all year. It’s also really affordable and there’s still lots left in the tube despite using it a lot.

L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara
I’ve finally found another drugstore mascara that competes with the Bourjois volumizer mascara! I love the girly packaging and it makes my lashes super long. Again, it’s reasonably priced and is perfect for those with short stumpy lashes as it adds length and volume.

The Body Shop Microdermabrasion
Another skincare product I really couldn’t do without. I think this is like my 4th tube and I’d never stop repurchasing. I use this around 3 times a week and really scrub it into my face to remove any dead skin. It also brightens my skin and makeup applies much better thanks to getting rid of the dry top layer of my skin.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
I’m so upset this is more or less empty but I have also been loving the Delilah Cosmetics bronzer so I’ve withheld repurchasing this. However, I think I’ll probably buy this again in 2017 as it’s still my all time favourite.

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream
This is my current everyday morning moisturiser and although it’s pretty expensive, it’s worth every penny! At first I wasn’t sure this would be rich or moisturising enough but it definitely is! It isn’t oily although it’s super moisturising so it’d be great for any skin type. This little pot has also lasted many months and I’m still not at the bottom quite yet.

Soap and Glory The Perfect Ten Palette
Firstly, sorry for the dirty palette but it just shows how much I use it. I’ve used this non stop since I bought it last year as it’s great for everyday wear as well as something a bit more fancy for night-time. This was £10 so I’ve more than got my pennies worth out of it! My favourite is just using copper on its own when I’m in a rush every morning.

What have you been loving throughout 2016?

Ta Ta for now,